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Block this guy in particular, he requests spam everyone on dA and the more popular artists on here even had to go tell him off. 

He supposedly has ADHD but that doesn't excuse his behavior as i myself have ADHD and i don't pull off request spam shit like he does. 

This is the guy i'm talking about…
As the title says, who's taking point commissions right now?
Just felt like writing this considering my birthday is tomorrow and that maybe not everyone saw my last journal that i wrote about my birthday ^^
So in case you didn't knew, my birthday is coming soon :D

In two weeks i'll be 21 on the 19th, just felt like telling you guys in case you wanted to offer me gifts ^^
How would one go and make a Star Butterfly wand? All the tutorials i've found makes the wand look massive compared to the one in the show, getting one 3D printed is too expensive while getting one that's 3D printed and painted is less expensive. I just don't know where to go from there at all, thank goodness i have till next Halloween to get that ready.
As in cheap point commissions? I only need something for a friend of mine who's desperate to see Phineas Flynn in a Galactic Guardian outfit.
I kinda need a drawing done for my friend who's a multiverse shipper and is looking for a Phineas x Atomic Betty picture. Don't question me on why that ship in particular but he also wants Betty in her Galactic Guardian uniform as well. As for what the pose should be, i would say holding each others hands.
I’m quite surprised no one drew Creepie Creecher as a flapper girl yet. Don’t get me wrong but, if someone aged her to be an adult that lived during the roaring 20′s, i’d say Creepie would make for a beautiful and peculiar flapper girl.
Someone on Tumblr made a video about me... A REALLY NEGATIVE VIDEO ABOUT ME!
I swear i just spent nearly 5 to 6 hours trying to get an arcade rip of IIDX16 Empress working right! The game worked but when i started a song, i couldn't get back in the game!

Turns out i had to rename two DLL files so that the codec the game uses would start up instead of the Windows codec!
From Son-Void 

For the first 15 people who comment on this journal, I will feature one of their characters. I'll also tell you what I like about them. 

If you comment, please do the same in your journal, putting the tagger in the first slot. The idea of this is not to get a free feature, it is to spread art around for everyone!

1:  Comm. ~ He Specifically Said Scuba Diving by Son-Void

Megan is what attracted me to your gallery in the first place when i saw the tiny Megan cleaning that fish tank and when she got trapped in the plastic bag as well. Son-Void 
2: <da:thumb id="207658558"/>

Becca is what attracted me to your gallery, because hey, why not have Becca be Sparky's sister? And i think it worked quite well too :) LeutenantBecca 

3:  OC Annabell the Great by rubik1994

Annabelle is of course the one i chose from your gallery because she's a magician and an underwater performer as well :) rubik1994 

4:  How long? Part 1 by Twogadia

Haruka is what fueled my passion for those impossible breath hold time RP and what pushed me to make up some high time breath hold records for my OC's :) Twogadia 

5:  Equestria Girls Time with Marshmallow Sandymall by 04StartyCornOnline88

I never saw your character before so i can't really say anything about Marshmallow but she does look cute that's for sure. 04StartyCornOnline88 

6:  A blissful swim for a vixen... by The-Victor-Catbox

I chose Foxy because just look at how beautiful she is underwater :) The-Victor-Catbox 

7: Day 6: Guitar by HoneyBatty16

HoneyBatty is of course the one i chose for this because she's a bat, she met TreatTricker before and she loves music and i just love her Pop'n Music style :) HoneyBatty16 
<da:thumb id="502478954"/> Go see it guys :D

Also this! <da:thumb id="501138682"/>
This person is amazing and is doing 5 free requests at the moment :) <da:thumb id="509979634"/>
That involves a slime girl, vore and/or transformation.
Because i have an idea in my head but i can't find a lot of peeps that are doing those right now.
Yes i really did that late last night.…

Immortals by Fall Out Boy featuring the 8bit version from 8 Bit Universe :)
Which is Phineas and Ferb related and contains fan made characters as well. Inspired by RP's i had in the last couple of days.

Adyson with a struck of bad luck is hit by an evil-inator obviously made by Dr. Doof. But it doesn't stop right there, it continues with Adyson finding a way to harness her new dark powers to make Isabella evil by filling her heart and soul with darkness, hatred and rage. The two works together to turn the troop into evil girls as well.

But it continues in the future with Phineas and Isabella's child. Sofia is the child that came from Phineas and Isabella, Sofia was already showing signs of evil when she was born, red eyes, dark powers.

She would meet many boys during her childhood but wouldn't be able to make friends with anyone due to how evil she could get with others until Ralph Fletcher-Doofenshmirtz came in the picture, Ralph knew what was going on but being unable to get any advice from his grand-father on how to remove the evil and darkness that was inside Sofia, Ralph had no choice but to live with the fact that Sofia would always be an evil girl.

Its a never ending cycle, every child starting with Sofia and Ralph would be evil and would bring darkness and chaos to Danville and the world.
Happy Halloween guys! Hope you get those candies and i hope you dress up as well!

TreatTricker: Happy Halloween from Sugar Rush!

CyberTricker: Happy Halloween from the Novi's!

Cyborge: Happy Halloween from the land of OOO!
......... Seriously Mattel? Rumors say they wanted to get rid of Frankie... But of course they wouldn't do that, no instead they "killed" her, changed how she looks and then had her revived...

I'm sorry but killing a character and reviving her with a new design is stupid! Would have been simpler to have her friends give her a makeover! I just had to rant because honestly, killing off Frankie before reviving her with a new style? Sounds super complicated in my head.
She was slowly gaining her consciousness back, what had happened to her? She could faintly see bubbles as she exhaled and one huge orange and slimy glob. She looked around and realized what was going on, a spell had gone horribly wrong and had trapped inside a lava lamp. "HUBLH?! GUYBLS HEBLP!"